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In Taiwan

In Taiwan now! Will be here for the next year teaching English :D

I’ll still update here, writing poetry/thoughts/prayer requests and such, but will be posting more regular Taiwan updates on this blog: <>






Valentine’s Day is a hopelessly cheesy and commercialized holiday, but it’s also a great reason to step back and really think about all the love God’s put into my life. 

I’m totally spoiled. :) 

Last night at XA worship it really hit me just how much love and strength God’s poured out on me in this past year, how much freedom He’s given me and how much peace He’s filled me with in the past few weeks. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve really felt that. It was so overwhelming I started sobbing in the middle of worship (slightly awkward?). 

He’s been so good to me. so so so good. 

He’s also let that love flow freely through so many people in my life, and I’m super grateful. God’s held on to me this past year. I’ve fought a lot of different sorts of things, learned a ton, cried a lot, fumbled through the darkness.  And now…His light and love are so sweet. I don’t know exactly what’s changed but I know it’s God-given.   

I’m anything but eloquent and creative right now, but I just wanted to throw these feelings into cyberspace while I had the chance. Because I don’t want to forget how wonderful God’s been to me. I found some old diary entries earlier that encouraged me, just reminded me that God has been looking out for me this whole time, and that He’s blessed my feeble efforts to follow Him.. So this post’s for a rainy day. 


fears swirl

like snowflakes, without the variety

i know i’ve seen these before

frothy white waves of pain batter me,

salty with stinging questions

stop asking me



how. could. you.


je ne sais pas

my glass half-full

now empty to the sunniest eye

drained slowly by gravitational questions pulling

that liquid hope through a small hole

of discouragement

where the glassy bottom touches solid table reality

evaporating like my tears in the ocean of everyone else’s problems

only to be found in

the moists of cloudly mercy

in between the cumulonimbus and stratus fluffs

of gold-refining storms

Lord, bottle my tears

i’m thirsty

Older = more sleep necessary

Two papers due this week, and both are currently non-existent.

I dunno what I’m going to do. Or where the brain energy required for this is going to come from.  But around two hours ago my solution was to close my eyes and sing “Standing on the Promises” really loudly. It helped, I think.

Yesterday I told Jules it strangely didn’t feel like Wednesday. She reminded me that it indeed wasn’t Wednesday.
I was talking to T-bird earlier and referred to our music theory professor as “Pastor”.
I almost fell asleep during an amazing [class-related], mind-blowing piano concert.

Please don’t ask me any hard questions within the next four days.  [Unless it’s related to rock formations or volcanoes. I got that covered.]


Almost there. The semester is going to be plumb ridiculous during finals, but I think this week has been so stressful that the thought of NO MORE ESSAYS after Friday is enough to make me feel more relaxed. 可以放松以下…

God is good. Word.

Still a little stressed, but here are happy events of today:

-Last Chinese presentation!
-We finally hit the musical instruments chapter in physics, so I actually understood what was going on in class.
-Physics professor made a glass shatter via SOUND. pretty tight.
-Annie made brownies :]
-Music theory project meeting with my professor was incredibly helpful. I’m really excited about this composition now.
-I made a gigantic pot of somen noodles with 白菜, 丸子.
-Made noodle deliveries to paper-writing friends.
-I’m wearing a hat.
-I just wrote a list. I love lists.

Very glad that even in times of stress and frustration and challenge God’s always showering little blessings on His beloved. He’s so sweet. :]