Written on the back of a misprinted bureaucratic form

To create diversions of innovation
To complement, with an e
To discover published secrets
Living in a shadow -yours, actually

To imagine small pictures
among those who have painted the sky
To sing with those golden voices
with my tarnished un-sterling
To pour out my soul’s deepest desires,
small spoonfuls among
the liquid hope of ancient yearning oceans
Skipping while you fly
Smiling from the grassy average
with untied shoelaces

But I am Loved.

[the page turns]


Who loves me?

Greatness Itself.
Eternity embraces me,
He is a Storyteller with strong hands,
eyes that capture the sun
and bore truth-shapes into my soul
All things bright and beautiful and scarlet
He paints too, gathering life from faithless two-dimensions
Bearer of sad songs,
He entrusts His every story with joy

[Psalm 30:5]


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