iTunes and dreams

Every so often I get the urge to go through the iTunes store and buy a ton of music that I’m tired of listening to solely via youtube. This is quite to my brother’s chagrin, who insists that I can get the same music, freely and unlawfully, from him. I think that says a lot about my spending habits (that in at least some matters, conscience trumps frugality) and my aged listening habits (in that my little brother almost always beats me to my latest song kicks. Good taste, that little man has). Anyways, today it’s a mixture of smooth, slightly atonal French flute music, some bittersweet Switchfoot, and this Jason Mraz song I’ve been obsessed with. Once it all downloads I’m taking myself and la nouvelle musique out for a run. Switchfoot dares me to move.

In other news, it’s spring break and I’ve been having some really weird dreams lately. Involving nooses, apartment parties, conferences in China, flying with unicorns/as cute insects, and angry unshaven boyfriends. They’ve been quite disconcerting, in that they feel remarkably real no matter how outlandish the situation. Each one is incredibly vivid and I wake up remembering other people’s expressions, my emotions, and even the weight of certain objects quite clearly. The feelings, fears, and relationships of each one are incredibly true-to-life despite the fact that my friend Carlos isn’t in China and I can’t actually fly (dang it). I guess I haven’t described anything particularly abnormal for dreams, but I’m used to having a crazy dream life without waking up emotionally shaken. Anyone believe God still speaks to us through dreams occasionally?

I miss the dreams where I get to be Jack Bauer and save Africa’s children with my drug-sniffing wallaby  (as in drug-detecting. Even dream-self wouldn’t work with a wallaby unless he was clean and sober) at my side. The ones where I wake up saying, “I’M SO COOL” as opposed to “THE HORROR…”. Okay, well more like “WHAT IS REAL AND JUST A DREAM?”  I haven’t started dreaming about Joseph Conrad novels, thank goodness. Though I think I may have just quoted a Lifehouse song, which is just as crazy.           

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