I’m So Cool

because today I:

-had a discussion with a 5-year-old about his favorite kind of Star Wars aircraft (X-wings, TIE fighters, podracers…). The Millenium Falcon won, and he said that once he grows up and builds his own Falcon he’ll let me ride in it. Ka-ching.

-discussed with the same 5-year-old the difference between a Triceratops and a Stegosaurus. A Triceratops has horns on its nose AND head, thank you.

-began above discussion because I was trying to determine the dinosaur species my chicken nugget most resembled (Stegosaurus. No horns.).

Just call me Peter Pan. Field trip tomorrow!



One thought on “I’m So Cool

  1. b. chiang says:

    the first part of this post upgraded you from cool to AWESOME.

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