Blogging when you’re panicking is never a good idea

…because it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be. Heh. The meeting was super chill and we just sat and discussed ideas. Glad I was prepared but as usual there really wasn’t that much to worry about. Yay~

After the meeting yesterday, I went to an adopted brother’s (true story: my dad told a Chinese airport official that this tall, curly red-haired guy with freakishly long arms was his son to get him through the luggage check-in line faster) wedding and then to my llama-loving friend Robin’s pig-pickin’ wedding reception. And as if that weren’t enough love and happiness, Justin won’t stop singing the love song from the Disney movie Tangled.

Maybe I can hold his guitar for ransom or something. It’s about time I learned how to play, anyways.


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