why hullo

Why hullo everyone.

Quick update: I can’t go to sleep because our A/C is down and I just got my wisdom teeth out so my mouth hurts. So hullo blogworld!

I got turned down from that other camp job I wrote about (so much rejectionnn), but am incredibly thankful for the job I do have now. I work about 40 hours a week at a Christian summer camp close by as the four to five-year-old group’s camp counselor. It’s crazy but fun. My kids are quite quotable and loving and pretty much adorable in a hyper sort of way. So far I’ve been bitten, kissed on the hand, and chased around (all in good fun, I assure you), and some of my kids are convinced my brother Justin (who also works there) is my husband/son. I’ve seen kids dusting the playground with leafy branches and a little ‘un slurping up spaghetti noodles with a straw. I was off two days last week for my wisdom teeth surgery so this was my first day back; one boy came up to me and said, “Miss Christine, I been askin’ about you!” ^_^ He also told me this: “When I was born my cousin died. But he’s back now.” I know as Christians we preach the resurrection of the body but um…

And since we’re taking the kids bowling tomorrow I had best try to get some sleep. Did you know they make XX-small bowling balls? They’re like five pounds and still require two five-year-old hands to carry. I saw some very interesting techniques last week, including the over-the-shoulder throw…

-Christine (just in case you’re not sure who’s writing this)

P.S. I am in huge blog debt as I owe posts (to my own fading memory and future posterity) on CCF retreat (which was incredible), beach week, future plans, philosophical thoughts…eh. We’ve got the summer to get to those, heh.


3 thoughts on “why hullo

  1. Julia says:

    yay! you’re back blogging! blog more!

  2. b. chiang says:

    concurring with Julia. glad you’re back!

  3. Ning says:

    Write more pls!

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