I need a vacation…

…in the form of CCF retreat, that is. Oh what a stressful three weeks it’s been. I’m emotionally worn out, physically tired, unmotivated to do homework, spiritually dried out. And my faithful little cell phone of three years died this week (may he rest in peace), which is quite symbolic I think.  So THANK GOD CCF retreat starts tomorrow!

I’m so tired I don’t even feel that excited, but I really am. Been looking forward to this weekend the entire year. :) Really psyched about seeing what God’s going to do. We have 14 students, 1 alum, 1 speaker, and our 2 advisors going. I don’t think this entire group of people has ever all been together, much less together for an entire weekend, so it’ll be fun getting to know everyone and seeing how all the different personalities interact. Our retreat topic is interpersonal relationships, which should only add to the fun. ;) I can’t wait for hours of praise and worship and quiet time and the talks and cooking together and just enjoying being surrounded by so much CCF love. Only one rehearsal, a class, and a tour stand in between me and RETREAT FREEDOM!!! Seriously cannot wait. :D

P.S. Just an update on all those applications I rushed in earlier this semester -got turned down by both music festivals (not a surprise. But I heard from them both on the same day, which was disappointingly funny) but am still waiting to hear back from the camp counselor position. Thankful God’s in control.


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