baby walruses

Home for spring break. It’s awesome being home with the fam and spending time with Mel (who went home a few days ago), Jules, and the Ts who are visiting us from Chicago. Also gotten to spend some good time with V, and Jules and I are hanging with the Josh tomorrow. yahoo! So much food, silliness, sleep, and wuv this week.  God has blessed me with so much! A decent amount of homework has gotten done, but not nearly enough practicing. My baby (flute) has been in the shop, which is horrible for my embouchure but really good for him. Hopefully he’ll (yes, my flute is a guy) come back nice and sparkly and clean and not-broken…

Some quotables from this week:

Hu-ster, on speaker phone: “Nah, I don’t have a cold. I’m just a little teary-eyed.”
Jules: “Which drama are you watching?”
Hu-ster: “What, you don’t ask me about my emotional state, you just assume I’m watching a drama????”
Jules: “…well, are you?”
Hu-ster: “Yes.”


Me, to Edward, an 8-yr-old friend staying with us: “Edward, look I can wear your shoes!”
Edward: “Great Scott!”


Me: “Well, what if it’s better to have six kids than five? Because if you had five you’d have an odd number and if you ever need to split up one parent would always have one more than the other.”
Jules: “That’s okay, I’d just eat the extra one.”
Me: “…you’d eat your extra child??????”
Jules: “What, you were talking about children? I thought you were talking about us having extra food.”


While playing Apples to Apples:

Justin: Virtuous…
Ethan: The Common Loon!


Justin: “Tickling Ethan is like wrestling an alligator.”


Jules: “Baby walruses just flobble around.”
Me: “Flobble????”


Jules: “You can’t name your dog Jefferson. Dogs have names like Buddy or Flobble.”
Me: “Flobble????”


Yesterday six-yr-old Andrew sat in my big desk chair and swung his legs back and forth as he counted all the way to 200 during hide-and-seek. I wish I still found things like counting to 200 worthy of excitement and congratulatory high-fives…


One thought on “baby walruses

  1. Christy says:

    LOL these are so awesome.

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