oh hey

I would just like to say that I’m incredibly thankful for the AMAZING people God’s put in my life here at UVA. I think it was during worship at XA when I realized how incredible it is to be surrounded by so many fun people with a desire to know God. I can’t believe I only have a year and a half left with these awesome people…the sort of camaraderie I enjoy with so many people in college is not something I’m likely to have after graduation, so Ima soak this up while I can! Love you all <3

Speaking of cool people, here’s a quote from dinner with J.Case and Aaron earlier today. We were discussing artificial intelligence:

J.Case: “I think when robots start enjoying the products we program them to make, then we should draw the line.”

Aaron: “No, I think it’s when robots start beating us on dating shows. When they start stealing our women, then we’ve got a problem.”

hahahahahaha yesss for Monday dinners in Newcomb. :)


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