Goldfish Crackers in a Chili Bowl

So one of my profs likes to have us write poetry in the style of authors we’re discussing during class. Today’s assignment was to write a few lines about something grotesque we’d seen this week, all in the style of William Carlos Williams. What I wrote ended up being more…well, something I would write: really tongue-in-cheek. And slightly morbid unless you know what I’m talking about, but the only two people present for this particular grotesque sighting probably don’t read this. So I’m basically posting this for the pleasure of being the only who holds any semblance of knowledge as to what I’m talking about. I have to get my power trips somewhere (hehe…).

When no one else was looking

I drowned them

Unintentionally, of course

They smiled silently when I first saw them

Each smile lost in a sea of same faces

So I set them free, throwing them

into the vegan-red sea specked with brown and white legume buoys

I thought they’d thank me but

they ungratefully sank

their cheddar tails slowly flailing, soggy

…perhaps I was wrong.

(For explanation of poem, please see post title. I am not that morbid, I promise.)


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