I’m wearing a lot of pink right now…

Because that’s what Valentine’s Day is: a lavishly commercialized excuse to wear ridiculous amounts of pink (busted out the pink and red striped knee socks today…) and eat chocolate.

Cynical (but so true! amiright?) view aside, God definitely used some amazing brothers in Christ to make me feel valued and special today. 小熊 sent each of the girls on CCF exec team (which is everyone, because he is the only guy on exec haha) an extremely sweet and encouraging facebook message this morning saying how he appreciates and supports us. What a sweet little brother in Christ!

Thennn, I was at Chi Alpha later tonight and their campus minister was telling us about his first date with his now-wife, which he had (accidentally) scheduled for Valentine’s Day. He gave her roses with a card that said something along the lines of, “Even though we haven’t known each other for long, I think every girl deserves roses on Valentine’s Day.” At that last phrase, ALL the guys in the room got up and walked out of the auditorium, returning with roses for each girl there! asd;flkjadf;lkjasdf;lkadsf;ljasdf it was the sweetest thing ever. Really appreciated how they took the effort to make their sisters in Christ feel valued. :)

Then I talked on the phone to my daddy, who is one of the kindest people in the world to begin with. He told me he bought Mom a key lime pie for Valentine’s Day hehe.

I feel like Jesus Himself has also been pouring on the blessings today. It was a GORGEOUS day today -definitely the warmest and most beautiful day of 2011 so far. I was able to practice for two hours today (which is really good because I normally feel way too stressed about homework to put that much time in and I desperately needed the practice!) and my homework went by fairly quickly. The Lord threw some lovely people in my path today, folks I don’t normally see, including some English classmates from last semester. And one of the verses they read in Chi Alpha during worship was Isaiah 43:4, which is my favorite verse in the entire Bible. Teehee thanks God for the encouraging little blessings you gave today!

One of my best friends from high school got engaged today. I’m still kinda in shock at the fact that the youngest Musketeer is getting married. Really happy for them though, congrats Nate and Jess! :)

One of my best friends from college tried to convince me and the facebook world that she was in a relationship with some imaginary super-smart punk at Johns Hopkins. In a relationship my shoe. haha

Read this in William Carlos Williams’ Astrophel today: “We have stood / from year to year / before the spectacle of our lives / with joined hands.” I found it to be a very deeply concise description of a committed relationship in the midst of an otherwise rather strange and morbidly enchanting poem.

And, the adorable Vira provided the quote of the day, in response to the question of what one does during a time of singleness: “Study.” You preach it, sister.


One thought on “I’m wearing a lot of pink right now…

  1. Victoria Hu says:

    bahahahaha I love this post. And I especially love Vira’s “study”

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