All in

All my applications are in. I spent around $25 on shipping application packets this month. I’ve learned to ask questions before you pay, heh…

My Tanglewood application got to Boston around 9 hours too late. I shipped it 2-3 day priority on Wednesday morning, hoping it’d take only 2 days to get there…but since my online app and fee were in, I’m hoping they’ll still at least review my application. I’d really hate to see $70, serious editing, and the willingness of several wonderful professors to provide references go to waste. That being said, I have a surprisingly large amount of peace about the fact that it got there late. It was nervewracking being at the mercy of the postal system, but I had committed this whole process to God from the start. I say that not as an accusation against Him ( in a “it’s Your fault it didn’t get there in time” sort of way) but as a statement of trust that He’s in total  control. Not because of any sort of faith I might have but because He’s amazing and completely deserves my trust. “Commit your way unto the Lord, and He shall bring it to pass”, one of my favorite verses, has been the promise of this week. He knows what He’s doing, and He’s given me the peace to really feel that that’s true. He’s proved Himself time and time again in the past. Including the day after I mailed the Tanglewood app:

I was supposed to send a different summer camp application out by Thursday, but one of the recommendation letters I needed for it still hadn’t arrived before I left for class Thursday morning. I have class from 12:30-5 on Thursdays and the post office here closes at 3PM. Ack! I called up my mom, quite stressed, racking my brain for ways to get my packet there on time while trying to study for a test later that afternoon (which I hadn’t really studied for, heh.). My wonderful parents, who are pretty used to having to ship things last minute (I remember tagging along to many races to get to Kinko’s before it closed growing up, haha), google-searched and found a FedEx close by that accepted packages until 6:30PM. After my last class I dashed home to find the rec letter sitting quietly in my mailbox. “Told you I’d get here in time,” it winked. My trooper of a roommate Mel then drove me to ship my extremely expensive (I accidentally shipped it next-day delivery haha) but punctually post-marked application packet. THE LORD IS GOOD.

(And,  the test went quite well. Can you say ABUNDANT GRACE???)

Trusting Him is a very active, deliberate choice. I’m learning that I really can’t be passive or half-hearted about it. But this whole adventure with Jesus thing is quite, well, an adventure. I think I forget that He’s an exciting God too, just full of surprises. :)


3 thoughts on “All in

  1. b. chiang says:

    The title led me to believe this post was about poker. I wasn’t disappointed. ;)

  2. b. chiang says:

    my b! let me clarify. “all in” as in the poker term meaning all your money is riding on this hand of cards, God. just my play on words.

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