Like Skydiving

This weekend was totally 吃喝玩乐 (CCF dumpling night, Chinese New Year Gala, London movie night, Superbowl at Annie’s), but was still unusually productive. God’s good. And that productivity in schoolwork provides a glaring contrast to my progress on summer applications, heh. Two applications due this week. Still editing essays for one that needs to be sent out Wednesday. The other is due postmarked by Thursday and I won’t have all the materials for it until sometime the day before.  Living life on the edge, baby.

Procrastination should be an extreme sport. You wouldn’t even need safety equipment. Just a lot of God’s mercy. :P


Quote of the day:

Prof. Tseng, in Chinese class : What does 啃 mean?



hahahahahahaha i love her.


P.S. OH and speaking of dangerous pastimes, I am incredibly grateful for my amazing friend and former language partner Xiao for taking me out to practice driving! Talk about life on the edge – he has to sit in the passenger’s seat while I drive down 29. What a brave, brave soul.




One thought on “Like Skydiving

  1. b. chiang says:

    JQ=Always Awesome.

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