My Norfolk music application is turned in. The drama is ovaaaaaaaaaah. :) Thanks to all those who looked over and gave tips on my resume…and to my dear roommates who had to listen to a day and a half of taping in my room…and Annie for lending me cash on the spot so I could mail my DVD at the cash-only post office. ;) God’s good. I think going through that whole audition taping/resume writing process was good for a lot of reasons, mainly because it showed me a lot about myself as a musician and person. I didn’t really like what I saw. An easily frustrated and stressed perfectionist that still, despite what she says, bases a lot of self-worth on what she can achieve instead of who she is in Christ. Thank God for the grace to push aside all sorts of ambitions and fears and frustrations and just rest in Him. Or at least begin to learn what that means.

Had a really good weekend. First CCF prayer meeting was beautiful. I’m so grateful to God for my honest and open brothers and sisters in Christ with their big desires to know God and share His truth! We crashed at my place afterwards and watched a James Bond movie over cali-bacon-ranch and pacific-veggie pizzas. I love how we can lift things up in prayer as well as enjoy the little things in life together. I also love how an answer like “she’s a NINJA” is a totally normal CCF-er response to questions like “where did she go??”

Saturday involved lots of sleeping, riding in new-car-owner-Jules’ car, watching youtube videos, writing a letter to our Compassion child with Annie (!!!! sponsor a child today!), fish n chips with the London ladies, Chinese homework, and watching The Fellowship of the Ring with Annie and Mel. Yay, first week of school.

Church this morning was really good. I always feel so refreshed after going to Trinity’s services. I’m always reminded of God’s goodness, grace, and power. We enjoyed a stress-free brunch at Runk afterwards (“There is no way anyone has work to do already!!” haha). I had a really good omelette. Then I took a really long nap, and then taught my first paid flute lesson. My student is THE sweetest lil’ 7th grader, whose family just moved from Korea about six months ago. I got this gig because her mom randomly saw me practicing in Old Cabell one day and randomly asked me if I would mind teaching her daughter. I think she thought I was Korean. So pretty much I got this job on this very nice lady’s blind (or should i say deaf? Because I don’t think she’s ever heard me play…) faith in my flute abilities and my non-Chinese features. Teehee, God’s ways make me giggle to myself. Anyways, teaching was surprisingly fun and non-awkward (I am an extremely awkward teacher for anyone above the age of five). My student’s an absolute joy to teach (that made me sound like my mom); anything, and I mean ANYTHING, I tell her to do she will willingly try. Which makes me deathly afraid that I will tell her something wrong and ruin her embouchure forever. But she’s also very honest about what works and what doesn’t, so that eases that fear a little…

Before my lesson, I was singing “How Firm a Foundation” to myself. The lyrics are so powerful, and the song’s become my heart’s cry and comfort the past week. The last verse says, “The soul that on Jesus doth lean for repose / I [God] will not, I will not desert to his foes. / That soul, though all hell should endeavor to shake / I’ll never, no never, no never forsake.” (Doesn’t that just make you want to jump and shout HALLELUJAH???) I’ve been singing it a lot lately, to the point where it got stuck in Mel’s head and she had to listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir version to get it out. Anyways, my student pulled out a band piece she’s working on, titled “American Hymn Tunes” or something like that. When she began playing the first melody in the piece, my eyes got huge (by Asian standards) – she was playing “How Firm a Foundation”! I stopped her after the first few measures, asking “Do you know this song??????” She didn’t, and I think I really confused her by how excited I was. Her family doesn’t go to church, she told me. But anyways, she does go to a Christian school, and so in band they are working on this arrangement of “How Firm” and “Come, Thou Fount”, my other favorite hymn. I almost started crying, 那么感动. It was like God was winking at me, saying, “Hello, child. I hear you. I care. And I like that song too.”

Hullo God. You are so sweet. Thanks for everything. <3


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