Family Sharing

Oldest sister gives brother a sweater for Christmas. It is black merino wool and awesome.

Thankful brother decides that while sweater is awesome, it is a little big around the shoulders. Brother comes up with solution: throw sweater in the washer. And dryer.

Mom discovers awesome wool sweater in dryer. Wool sweater now very small.

After trying various ways of growing sweater back to normal size, brother gives up and leaves at its new smaller, baggily-perfect-for-youngest-brother size. Youngest brother claims it.

Oldest sister sees youngest brother’s new sweater and thinks, “If I can wear his jackets, then surely…”

~Today I wore my 11-year-old brother’s black merino wool sweater, which previously belonged to my 17-year-old brother, which originally was a Christmas present from me. It is truly more blessed to give than to receive.


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