That’s pronounced “siiiike” as in “PSYCH. JUST KIDDING.”

A forced change of plans regarding my music applications. So…my amazing friends Aj and Tim went to great lengths to convert my audition tape to DVD for me (I also heard that Halo was involved…). Aj handed me two ready-to-be-sent DVDs this afternoon, and I could almost taste the sweet, sweet taste of victory over these application woes. I even had two nice big envelopes ready and an app all filled out. Aj warned me, however, that they had run into some problems with the original tape buzzing in certain parts, and advised me to check the DVD to be sure they had gotten rid of it. (Which ruined my original plan to just cross my fingers, close my eyes, and send it straight in without looking at it. And then dance around my driveway singing the Hallelujah Chorus.)

So I checked it. And the buzzing sound announced it presence loudly for almost a whole page’s worth of music. And, two of the cuts Aj had included on the DVD weren’t the cuts that I had wanted. (Though this is entirely my fault for recording the same pieces a bajillion times and describing the desired segments by saying things like “the 2nd time I play it all the way through after the 1st time I play the Mozart…”) I freaked out silently, debated whether or not I could play dumb and just send in a buzzing DVD full of wrong notes, then called Aj. He still had the original tape, but had no way to convert it since Tim and the converting equipment had gone back to school this morning. One of the festival deadlines is on Saturday. Eek.

So. I’ll cut to the chase. After talking to my parents, I decided that, rather than put myself through a great deal of stress and burn $125 in application fees to submit a bad audition tape for a fellowship I have an extremely small chance of actually getting, I’m going to focus on re-taping for the Norfolk festival before their deadline next Friday. I’ll practice this weekend, then re-record once I’m back at school, in my apartment with my own camera (which has better sound quality than I thought). And then I’ll blog about what a wonderful learning experience it all was.

In all seriousness (not to imply that I wasn’t serious before. because I was, even about the boys playing Halo while making my DVD.) though, I’m reminded that despite the stress/confusion, God knows what He’s doing!! This is for the better, in a lot of ways. Now I have some new recording experience under my belt, more time, and the promise of a bigger room with a non-creaky floor for taping. And THANK GOD I didn’t send in that other application early like I’d planned, or I’d be out $125. Sometimes it pays to be cautiously slow. ;)

Oh, the drama.

—In other news, I went on a field trip today! Yay! A bunch of homeschoolers (who are all very social, thank you very much!)  from my church went to the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the NC Museum of Art. It was full of nostalgia and clever humor and warm colors, and almost made me wish I could draw.


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