Since previous post, these obstacles have been encountered:

1) I have a canker sore inside my mouth that makes it a bit painful to play flute.

2) Recording devices make me really nervous. Which means I make really stupid mistakes. A lot.

3) I just tried to record a  ten-minute piece (which is quite long for a solo piece. Totally draining, plus it was the fourth time I had tried to record it) and completely screwed up the last note. TEN MINUTES of super-focused playing to mess up the LAST NOTE! Aghhhhhhh.


There may have been some door slamming and the words “I give up” and some really loud Tenth Avenue North afterwards. Maybe.

All part of the dramatic process. I’ll be back at it later. Promise.

EDIT: I failed to mention that the reason I screwed up the last note in 3) is because my HAIR got stuck in my flute keys. What are the chances. lol


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