New Year’s Ideas that Aren’t Resolutions to Prevent Disappointment

1) Finish Paradise Lost. Bleh.

2) GET MY DRIVER’S LICENSE. I’m 20 and I can’t even drive my brothers to the history museum. This has gotta change. Plus, if Jules can pass, then so can I. ;)

3) Read the Bible all the way through. I know, it’s sad this hasn’t happened yet. I’m still missing Leviticus and 1 Chronicles. And probably Numbers.

4) Read Mere Christianity. I need to stop making having reading-related resolutions ideas. Too much like school. I knew there were downsides to being an English major.

5) Legitly learn those flute etudes Angela has been telling me to learn for the past semester. So far it’s been me playing only a page or two before I scream I HATE PRACTICING. Hmm.

6) Prep for CCF Bible study EVERY WEEK. Yeah, this is sort of a given as well, but I’m a slacker. Man these are turning into confessions…

7) Be occupied with something (internship, job, project, missions trip, idk) fresh and meaningful this summer.

8) Keep my eyes on Jesus and off myself and others. MORE HIM, LESS ME. :) This is number 8 not because of priority level but because the number 8 is a super-duper number in Chinese culture.

9) Start papers earlier. Earlier being sooner than the night before it’s due. Heh. I am a master at churning out 6-pagers overnight. Hmm, maybe I’ll reconsider this one. Why change something that works pretty well? haha KIDDING.

10) Bake something awesome.



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