I had a strange rush of energy rush over me right before Chi Alpha meeting today and was jumping up and down and talking really loudly. Mel has since been telling EVERYONE that I’m really hyper. I don’t think this is terribly unusual behavior for me, but it did make me realize how much I haven’t been turbo-happy lately. I guess it’s been a mellow, slightly stressful, I’m-a-third-yr-and-therefore-should-be-more-responsible/serious sort of semester. And a lot of things have been on my mind, and it’s only lately that things are starting to MAKE SENSE. Liberating feelings come with the sense-making. Hence the strange rush of hyper-happy. :)

随着my hyper state, I’ve been telling folks that I just learned how to say unicorn in Chinese, and that unicorns really do exist. I also learned how to say systems engineer in Chinese earlier (MAKE THINGS BETTER, haha).

Then, Tren came into my room and told me that when she was moving her easel, her painting of her face…fell on her face. And for some reason that struck me as really, really funny.


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