A Postcard.

One of my big sisters from CCF, Ning, graduated in 2009. I miss her candor, Singaporean accent, and guidance a great deal, and thankfully Skype has made the thousands of miles between C’ville and Singapore seem a bit closer. She sent me a postcard from Tokyo last summer, decorated with a smiling bowl of pink shaved ice on the front, and it’s tacked up on my bulletin board by my (awesomely huge and beat-up) desk. I was eating lunch in my room (yummm, Japanese noodles with 肉丸子and spinach) when I spotted it on my wall and read it over for the umpteenth time. It’s written in a typical Ning fashion; succinct but descriptive, never sentimental but always encouraging. She writes: “…Japan is the first stop at which I recall the fun of discovering (or rediscovering) a place for the first time. I hope you experience the same thing every time you experience something new and potentially difficult…don’t forget to trust in the Lord with all of your heart!” This reminds me of a lot of things. I think of Ning when I read this. Of how she doesn’t shy away from facing up to problems but looks them in the eye, full of courage and dependence on God, and stares them down. I’m reminded of how the difficult and the exciting often come hand-in-hand. I’m reminded of how living life following God is such an adventure. Sometimes I think life’s like bungee jumping with God. It’s terrifying, full of what-ifs, but can be really fun if I just let go and all-or-nothing trust Him. And I can recommend such risky living because He’s never let me fall. He continually surprises me with His wisdom, showers me with His grace, carries me with His strength, and comforts me with His love.  Even as I surrender more and more to Him He gives me more freedom, the freedom to let go of bitterness and hurt and the drive to control and just love and live and laugh and follow Him wherever on this great big Earth He decides to take me! I just have to take His hand and make the plunge.

(I can picture Ning’s reaction to this post too. “Christine…it’s just a postcard.” hehe)

(And then, her reaction to the sentence above will be: “Why did you think I would say that?” haha)


One thought on “A Postcard.

  1. ning says:

    AWWW I only just saw this. And you are wrong! My first reaction was to feel EXTREMELY touched at your summing me up in such nice terms, and very happy that the postcard is still on your desk. You are a gracefully grateful friend. <3!

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