don’t get excited

That time of the semester has come yet again where I have a million amazing things to blog about (CCF Welcome Dinner! First orchestra concert! Shakespeare class!), absolutely no time to do so, and as awesome as life is right now, all I currently feel is that I desperately desperately need God. I desperately need Him to show me how to fix all the dumb selfish stuff I’ve done this week. I need Him to teach me how to be grateful for all the blessings He’s showered on me. I need Him to take care of my hurting, burdened brothers and sisters around me. I need Him to show me how exactly to need Him the way I should. I think it’s a good place to be. But it’s not very comfortable.

Psalm 119:176: “我如亡羊谜了路, 求你寻找你的仆人, 因我不忘记你的命令”  I like the raw honesty in this verse. I need to learn how to talk to God like that, just being straight up: God, I’m lost. Please seek me because I don’t know how to properly seek You. I remember your commandments. Please look for me.

asdf;lkjasdf so early in the semester for this to be happening already :P


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