happiness is food-related

It’s true.

ex. 1) Daddy coming home with 叉烧 and 奶茶

ex. 2) Meeting up with a Shanghai friend (Grace, who just graduated from Fudan U and is now a grad student at Duke) to welcome her to America with some good ol’ Golden Corral

ex. 3) My girl Tay took me out for lunch (“early birthday present”) at TGI Friday’s. I had this really strange but fantastic burger involving avocado, pineapple pico, herbed sour cream, and rum sauce.

ex. 4) Oatmeal M&M brownies at Annie’s the first night back at college

ex. 5) Bodo’s Bagels. enough said.

ex. 6) ORCHARD CHICKEN SALAD SUB FROM SUBWAY with my soulmate. i had been thinking about that sub for weeks.

ex. 7) Impromptu sesame noodles and bok choy/beef stir-fry in the apartment. the kitchen smelled like garlic and soy sauce for a while.

ex. 8)  Jules brought pineapple cakes from China

ex. 9) Strawberries and vanilla yogurt

I think that proves my point quite well.


Student Activities Fair tomorrow! Four exciting hours of accosting innocent first-years with flyers and candy and information about our awesome fellowship :) And, Mel is bringing Jules and I chicken salad sandwiches from Bodo’s in between. Suh-weet.


One thought on “happiness is food-related

  1. b. chiang says:

    could not have said this any better.

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