“I love you wow”

Life has been pretty busy lately, which is surprising for my non-abroad summer months. We were in Indy last week for the annual ATI Indianapolis conference, a conf for Christian homeschool families. Taught a group of 4-7 yr old kids, which was quite an adventure. We had ten kids in a very, very small amount of space for a very, very long period of time, which resulted in all of our “lesson plans” (quite intense lessons on character qualities and such) getting shrunk down to short picture stories, many games of “duck, duck, goose”, and lots and lots of craft/coloring time. I’ve never met a group of kids that would rather color than play duck duck goose, but that’s just how artistic/strange my team was. They would even color in the blocks on crossword puzzles, no lie. Every block was a different color.

Since then, been busy getting stuff together for school. I ordered all of my textbooks on amazon already, because I’m a nerd like that, so I currently have two Norton anthologies (my Shakespeare anthology is if-i-dropped-this-on-your-head-you-wouldn’t-survive massive) and a bunch of 20th century novels sitting in my room, next to the box of hangers and soap and cork boards. I love back-to-school shopping though, especially this semester because we have more space in our apartment to decorate. That and because our furniture doesn’t resemble something off a pirate ship from the 70’s anymore. It’s weird thinking of my apartment as, well, my apartment because CCF would go there so often when it was very much Dave’s place. Can’t wait to decorate and make it our own (sorry, Dave. I feel like each decorating move is destroying one of your memories, haha). As long as a certain roommate doesn’t follow through with her plan to put Andy Warhol-esque pictures of pink cows everywhere.

Speaking of CCF, I just talked to Jules on skype, which was half welcome dinner planning meeting, half catching up. I love that even when we talk CCF plans, I still feel like I’m having a legitimate conversation with a friend, not having a business meeting. It was great being able to talk to her, of course, and I can’t wait until I can just call/text/visit her whenever I want into two weeks. Perks of being in the same country.

Tonight was a skype-happy night. Right after Jules had to leave, I had an impromptu skype session with Ning, whom I hadn’t talked to for a few months. Always good to talk Shakespeare and share prayer requests with my big sister :) Then my aunt from VA called me, excited to use her new webcam. I talked with her and my grandma for a few minutes when my cousin started skype-chatting me. I finally convinced him to use video chat and we got to talk music and college and movies. I made him promise (reluctantly) to skype me at least once his first semester. I feel old, knowing my younger cousin is off to college…

The title is something one of my kids at the Indy conference wrote. He asked his sister how to spell “mom”; she wrote it out for him to copy, but she was sitting across from him so from his point of view all the letters were upside-down. Hence the words on his little card. ^_^


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