“SHORT!” “…tall!”

Went out to Falls Lake with my high school buddy Tay and her cousin Joshua today, picked up some Bojangles and had lunch by the ocean/lake. Twas really nice picnic weather, got a lot of breeze from the water and it didn’t rain like weather.com threatened it would. YAY PICNICS! It was an nice vacation-y type afternoon, just hung out and talked, played volleyball, and tried to throw tennis balls while not looking to those trying to catch tennis balls without looking (fail, if you were wondering). The title quote is an exchange from our little volleyball game, when Tay yelled “short” at me, describing which way the ball was going to fall, and I responded with the first word that came to mind…ironically those are the two that make fun of me most about my height (or lack thereof). Despite it all, always love hanging out with those two. Thank God for awesome friends :)

Speaking of friends, a college friend just told me he was trying to bring hymns back to the praise team he’s working with now. And that made me really happy. Come Thou Fount for the win.


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