moms and books

1) i have major book ADD. I’m in the middle of two novels and an article right now, one for fun, two for pre-London reading (and consequently, one really 吸引我的兴趣 and the others, not so much). And having finished none of them, I went to the library with mom and the bros today, checked out two other books and finished both of those before falling asleep with a stack of books on my bed. summer reading for the win. (check out Fig Pudding by Ralph Fletcher if you’re looking for something light-hearted but profound/touching. it’s technically a children’s novel, but it’s stuff like this that makes me want to write children’s books. soooooooooo good.)

2) i love being home and being able to spend so much time with my mom. i hop in the car with her while she’s running errands, or help her cook or do dishes and we just talk. <3

3) speaking of moms, she doesn’t really care if the guy i marry (IF i ever get married, lol) is chinese or white or whatever. but the other day she told me to marry a Jewish guy: “They’re God’s chosen people, Christine. Wouldn’t that be great, to marry one of God’s chosen people??” Okay, mom. i’ll keep that in mind. ^_^


3 thoughts on “moms and books

  1. david says:

    mazel tov

  2. Julia says:

    you should write chinese books and then donate them to the school im at now :D

  3. Mom says:

    Plus, they said Jewish kids are 很孝順 too. :-P

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