i’m a third year

As of ten minutes ago, with the click of a mouse,  I am DONE with second year.

It’s so weird. Slightly anti-climactic. Maybe because I am still in the library in a study room with some very stressed-out people. I hear Spanish being whispered intensely in the corner. I see psych notes spread out all over the table and 小熊 is scribbling orgo diagrams on the board. And…I don’t think Lucy is studying. But you get the idea.

But. I’m free. Just a few hours of packing and 4-hour car ride between me and home. (OH WAIT. I LEFT MY LAUNDRY IN THE WASHING MACHINE.) It’ll be weird re-adjusting to a much less independent, quiet routine at home after a non-stop semester of full of homework, CCF responsibilities, friends, stress, laughs, and random dinner outings. It’ll also be really weird not seeing Jules and the roomie everyday,  and coming back to school three months later as an ancient third-year without the guidance of chengplane and all the graduating 4th-years will be strange. But as of right now, I can’t wait to get home and see my dad, hug my brothers, and have a heart-to-heart with my mommy. Summer break for the win.


After my last post on her, I’m back to making fun of Jules. (hehe, love you) Here’s her quote of the day:

Jules: “I don’t think some people will understand.”

Me: “like what kind of people?”

Jules: “I don’t know…like non-people.”   <—-?????

Me: “Oh, those non-humans. They just don’t get it.”


2 thoughts on “i’m a third year

  1. Lucy says:

    YESSS, way to call me out like that.

    But it was true. I wasn’t. x(

  2. Christy says:

    You’re gonna have such an uhmazing summer, ahhh, so excited for you! Must share adventure details at our twobuenion. Love, your first college friend ( :

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