two more paragraphs

…[and lots of editing] and then i’m DONE WITH SECOND YEAR.

At least it’s a paper on Star Wars music that I’m stuck with writing. Did you know that the Star Wars soundtrack is the most popular soundtrack of all time? And that in 2005 the American Film Institute recognized it as the most memorable film score of all time? AND, get this: in October 2009, they launched a worldwide Star Wars: In Concert tour, a multi-media show featuring John Williams’ music and Anthony Daniels/C-3PO as narrator. Whatttttt.

I kinda feel like a loser, on the 1st/super quiet floor of Clemons, researching A New Hope (which pulled up some pretty epic footage. Good thing I had my headphones in.) while everyone else is studying orgo and psych. But it’s pretty awesome all the same. ^ ^


One thought on “two more paragraphs

  1. Mom says:

    The Star Wars tour is coming to Raleigh soon. At least that is what I heard.

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