So I still owe this blog a post on retreat and one on the CCF 4th years. But I have still to make it two more days before any thought can be put into that, so I will leave my readers (who I am sure are desperate for a nice meaty post because you all have absolutely nothing else to do) with this conversation of the day:

chengplane: “…I bet it’s because the [Chinese] teacher had a gun.”

Jules: “No, in China it’s illegal for commoners to own guns.”

me: “Commoners????”

chengplane: “oh those peasants…”

Jules: “I mean CIVILIANS!”

Apparently the Communist system still holds strong in Jules’ descriptive vocabulary…^_^ohhhhh i love you guys ~


3 thoughts on “communism?

  1. Julia says:


  2. david says:

    haha, commoners. i think julia is secretly an empress or something and it just slipped out.

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