Easter Weekend

This was a weekend of feeling loved.

Heh. So Life definitely isn’t a big rainbow cloud of chocolate kisses and butterflies, but it’s good, in the quiet, steady, IknowGodisgooddowntomytoes sort of way. And I feel like as soon as I write this, something dramatic is going to happen to me tomorrow that will challenge that, but that’s not because God changed. Anyways. The details:

My high school youth pastor and his family came up for their Easter vacation, to have some time away and so PBD could speak for CCF large group. My worlds intersected yet again, which was weird but really, really cool. It was great showing them around, catching up, and getting to introduce them to my crazy friends at college. They also brought me a half-gallon of Bojangles sweet tea. chyeahhh.

Large group was full of mishaps and powerpoint problems, which resulted in a rather awkward praise team moment[s]. But we kept going, laughing, and I am again reminded of the kind of community I have in CCF -the kind that knows full well how even though we make mistakes all the time, God somehow can still use us for His glory. Because this kind of stuff happens a lot. hehe. Anyways, PBD gave a great message on faithfulness and no one seemed to mind sharing a little laptop screen during worship…

We followed large group by playing tag with PBD’s kids and going out for pizza and ice cream. And we swapped stories about the massive prank we pulled on the Hu-ster -we typically show our love by picking on each other. So boy, was that a lotta love she got on April Fool’s day. :] And the festivities continued with Jules driving, Dave getting a massive brainfreeze standing outside his car, and games of mafia at my apartment. Then we did something I’ve always wanted to do: stand in a big open field beneath a twinkling starry sky and hold hands singing Kumbayaa. It was a half-hearted effort from those slightly embarrassed at our cult-like appearance, but i’ll take it anyways. It was just special being outside at 1AM with some of my favorite people, even if it was playing ninja or just…seeing who could walk the straightest with their eyes closed? There was also a point where all the first-years and Eric went across the field, leaving just me, Jules, Hu-ster, b.chiang, and Dave: all CCF was (plus our now-graduated Paul) at the beginning of last semester. We’re still small, but we realized then that CCF really has grown a lot since then -we’ve more than doubled in size. It was definitely God that brought us all together -we are a very eclectic group of students…

We had a picnic at Beaver Creek after the early morning Easter service. I’m totally in this green-is-beautiful phase where I just loooooove fields and hills and meadows. It was gorgeous weather to sit awkwardly back-to-back on a picnic blanket (because that was the only way we’d all fit…) and enjoy a fabulous little potluck with some amazing people. Annie brought this green bowl full of whole strawberries. It was adorable. The grass was still wet with dew too. My feet were happy. Then we ran around and did all sorts of delightfully childish things like play tag, spin around to make our skirts poof, and try to push Jules into the lake.

While we were at Beaver Creek, Daddy called me and asked me if I had any nightmares last night. This makes me seem awfully childish, but last night I called him quite terrified because I had just finished reading “The Fall of the House of Usher” for English class. (By the way, I think Poe is a brilliant author. His mastery of language is incredible…and that’s just what makes his writing so creepy. He gets in your head.) Anyways, for some reason it really got to me, and Daddy was a sweetheart and simply prayed for me over the phone and then told me to focus on the Resurrection. This was slightly amusing because Poe’s story is about someone who [sort of] comes back from the dead…anyways. My fear, with my dad’s prayer, and my gentle God’s strength, reminded me of how weak I am. I was scared half to death by a story someone made up, when here I have a God who conquered death and the grave. What kind of faith do I really have when that’s what terrifies me?  But thank God for being so caring and condescending [in the 19th century use of the word] as to comfort my heart and give me His peace. His cross and resurrection really is all I can boast in!


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