A few things of importance:

-I had a music advisor meeting today. I love music advisor meetings. Ten minutes just talking to my favorite  [left-handed] professor. I always feel so cared for when I’m in his office. ^_^ He’s extremely soft-spoken and articulate with a funny laugh and wears these awesome Bill Cosby sweaters and aloha shirts with trendy sneakers. And he has a grand piano in his office.

-I think I’ve become meaner since starting college.  I blame davethebrave’s influence and really good April fool’s day pranks for my current amusement at other people’s confusion and distress.

-My throat is sore. This is either because I talked to my mom on the phone for an hour today and didn’t drink that much water, or because Mel gave me the plague (strep throat).

-There is a carton of orange peach mango juice in my fridge. This is exciting.

– I really miss my brothers. I also have no idea what’s going on in the NCAA tourney because I am not with them. sad face.

Quote of the day:

小伙子:”Have you ever felt people’s condensation towards you?”

Me: “…you mean condescension?”

[To be fair, this was after several hours of studying for a test on condensation and clouds and winds.]


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