ninjas and red rover

It’s always weird hanging out with friends in a different context than how you came to know them. Shanghai friends at Urbana, Beijing friends at UVa, etc. So exploring DC with CCF was pretty strange. But it was hands-down a FABULOUS trip. :]

We did all the tourist-y things like riding the metro into the city, eating at Chinatown, the natural history museum, Washington Monument, cherry blossom festival. And took tons of [the same] pictures, blocked traffic, and acted like an Asian disruption in general. And I don’t really know how else to describe it besides “it was a fantastic day.” The weather was gorgeous, we had all day to do whatever we wanted, and the company was superb. ^_^ I say this all the time, but I am SO BLESSED to have these people in my life. They really, truly show me what true Christian fellowship, love, and care is like. Outside my family, there’s no group of people I feel more comfortable around. And we do crazy things like play Red Rover in the middle of D.C. as well as have deep conversations about how God is trustworthy and how forgiveness is crucial on the ride home (though I hear there was a mini-karaoke session in the other car…hehe). Since I need to document this awesome day but my writing muse has left me, I’m resorting to bullet points and little quotes from the day:

~”…what is that?” We don’t understand modern art.

~”Oh man are you guys playing Ninja?!?” -random guy walking by that joined our epic Ninja game. I think his name was Vinnie.

~”HWAAAAAAAAAAH!” -Yun is the loudest ninja I’ve ever heard.

~”Red rover, red rover, send YUN right over!” This led to some heightened adrenaline levels and maybe an injury or two (this was after Jules got tackled…)

~Little girls spinning around in a circle, holding hands —> college students holding hands spinning around in a circle. I was dizzy afterwards.

~”I’m tall! I should be in the back!” -one of Jules’ top five most-used phrases. (And…she’s not tall. And…she shouldn’t be in the back of the picture.)

~”Giraffe!” “That’s not a giraffe, Christine.” “Giraffe!” “That’s a dinosaur.” What can I say, I really wanted to find one.

~小伙子: “If we go when the sun sets, everything will be prettier.”
Dave: “Dude…so if we go when the sun sets, I’ll be prettier.”

~”So we got out of the car and these guys like attacked us. And Josiah fought them off and Brian hit them with a frying pan!!!” It would’ve been an epic story if someone didn’t cave in and cough up the truth so early.

~”Josiah and Mel can’t be in the same group.” -we’re diverse, all right.

~ “So you be the air mass and we’ll be the acting winds. Now spin around, and sink and rise, high and low! High and low!” Never figured out why that guy was staring at us…

~Got to see Mimi and her mom, and Preston, a CCF alum, and Helen, a Chinese classmate, came along with us. Neat that CCF friendships last outside of college years and extend outside of our little fellowship circle.

~ “EAT THE EGG! Eat it! Eat it!” One of the grad students that couldn’t come with us was a sweetheart and made us 茶叶蛋 for the trip. (They were delish, by the way.) In a desperate attempt to keep Brian from leaving before his real birthday surprise, we made 小伙子, who isn’t a 茶叶蛋 fan, eat one. Slowly.

~The kite festival, unbeknownst to us, was the same day as the start of cherry blossom festival. It was so neat seeing all the colorful shapes flutter across the [cerulean] sky. Kites always come to mind when I think of children and their big imaginations. To fly like that…

~ “Are you ticklish??” hehehe…

~”A woman’s heart should be so lost in God that a man has to seek Him to find her.” -Elisabeth Elliot. Brought up because of our discussion on marriage and characteristics we’d look for in a spouse.

Okay i’ll leave it at that. I’m always OCD about recording awesome days like this, in fear that it will soon be lost in the big jumble that is my memory. But that will have to suffice. I comfort myself with the fact that as Christians, I get to spend eternity with these guys. :]


2 thoughts on “ninjas and red rover

  1. Julia says:

    i busted out laughing at dave’s quote. he would say something like that.

    CCF is awesome. enuf said.

  2. b. chiang says:

    We are TOO funny. Cosign with Julia on DC’s quote. Props to Yun for his battle cry. Sorry I “tackled” Julia. Not really. hahaha!

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