So today:

I woke up at 9:16AM. My first class is at 9:30. It takes me fifteen minutes to walk there. Yeah. Think about that.
(I was only five minutes late. And I even got a compliment on my hair that I didn’t brush.)

In  my first class, I listened to fellow students debate where the first note of a certain linear progression fell in a Mozart sonata. And I thought…would Mozart really care about this?

I proceeded to lunch/ccf meeting with b.chiang. Lunches with him always turn out to be semi-meetings, but I don’t really mind. I love talking about CCF, hehe. Newcomb had seafood bisque today. It was fabulous and I interrupted poor b.chiang’s story about last week’s Bible study to get another bowl. It was a good lunch. Mostly because of the soup, but also because of the time spent swapping stories about how God’s been good to us lately.

Then I practiced flute. Actually, I sat on the bench in the practice module and stared at my music for awhile. I’m getting owned by this concerto.

Environmental science class was next. It sounds boring, and most of the time it is, but for some reason the past few classes I’ve been fascinated. I think it’s because we’ve been talking about clouds. I love clouds. They’re so fluffy and wispy and dark and rainy…my new favorite word is “cumulonimbus.” Anyways, I think I want to be a meterologist when I grow up, if the whole wandering minstrel (which, incidentally, is 流浪歌手 in Chinese) thing doesn’t work out. Just so I can look at clouds and make big colorful maps of warm fronts and cold fronts.

On the walk home, my friend the 小伙子 and I passed by Newcomb pond and watched the ducks for a bit. He tried to name a duck “Mallard.” I told him I was awfully disappointed in his creative naming abilities.

Then I went home. And talked to Mel some about what God’s been doing and can do. Which is a lot.

THEN, I studied for a test that’s only worth 7.5% of my grade for 7 hours. bah! Five of those hours were with funny classmates and a mango smoothie in a super cute little cabin-like reading room we discovered, though, so it was all right. Group study sessions are delightfully inefficient. I’m looking forward to the test though, because my professor always brings food on test days.

In between all of that I also talked to my 小哥 from my Shanghai trip on gchat. So encouraging hearing from him and how God’s been working in his life too. Hearing about his new obsession with lions was also interesting. I also emailed my 大哥 and friend Star from the same trip, and got a message from my 姐 Kelly just now. Shanghai’s on my mind. And in my inbox. I miss them all soooo bad. I’ve never left my heart in a place the way i did in Shanghai. <3 And I always end up talking about this.

I have successfully but temporarily quelled my current rebelliousness against conventions of capitalization, but I must go before the urge rises again.


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