rollin’ on down

so i was looking over my most recent posts, and they’re all so serious. (and well capitalized and punctuated.) and, well, my blog generally reflects the most prominent things in my life and there’s been a lot of hardcore stuff going on lately. but no matter what’s going on, my life normally is full of little random moments that make me just shake my head and laugh. (and not use proper capitalization.) here’s one…

so one of my classmates decided to rollerblade to a film screening we had for music class. his name is woody and he’s a history major, and i say these things because i can’t imagine him with a name like james or tyler and he seems like the type who would read civil war history books for fun, in a good way. anyways, woody lives a few apartment down from me, so afterwards me and our mutual friend jillian decided to tail him home, just to watch him skate around uva in his snazzy rollerblades and protective helmet. and to make sure he made it home in one piece. he almost rolled right into the street after a big hill, so jillian had to walk behind him, grabbing onto his backpack to counteract gravity and its mischievous love for pulling tall,wheeled people over. we then made our way down a crowded sidewalk, emerging victorious (woody didn’t end up hitting that guy in front of him after all.), with the help of some cushy grass. jillian and i tried to keep up  with woody the speed demon but he eventually had to zoom ahead, waving goodbye as he swerved down the sidewalk making airplane noises. i hope the crashing noise i heard shortly after wasn’t him.



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