So it’s been a crazy week.

I did like nothing but work from last Saturday til 3PM Friday afternoon, so I sorta took the weekend off. ^_^ But it was a swell week all the same. The highlights were:

-My apartment-mate Mel got saved Wednesday night. HALLELUJAHHHHHHH!!!!!! That made my week. :) It’s amazing to see all that God has done in her life, and I’m soo excited to be able to be a part of it. She has also since declared herself a part of CCF, lol. We sang “Happy Birthday” to her after large group to celebrate her spiritual birthday!

-Two papers and a test = DONE. Late nights studying and a REALLY late night writing that last paper…three English majors staying up together to writewritewrite. Thank God it’s all over!

-CCF Large Group -we had sooo many people! Okay, well not that many but a lot for us, including several I didn’t expect to come. It was actually setting up to be a very hectic night with room change, equipment problems, no speaker, and the fact that I didn’t really know two of the songs I was supposed to be leading. But God worked everything out beautifully and I think it was a really good meeting. I was certainly blessed, especially by our special prayer time after Urbana speaker videos. Glory to Him!

-Halfway There Party: so I’m not much of a big party person. But SYC was throwing a big party for class of 2012 because, well, we’re halfway thru college. I didn’t have a dress, and neither did Jules, so we planned on skipping out and watching Star Wars instead. But we ended up going to the mall, discovering two great dresses on sale, and yes, going to the party. My entire apartment went, and getting all dressed up with them and taking lots of pictures was super fun.

-b. chiang’s surprise birthday party: so his birthday is actually in March. But somehow he always avoids the CCF tradition of birthday surprises, so we wanted to get him good for his *sniff* last birthday at UVa. And what better way to do that then surprising him a month early? We were afraid our plans would fail miserably when we found out he had a study group at the same time as our surprise, but props to Jules for her “please help me carry my stuff” speech that got him to my apartment where a whole group of us were waiting for him with cake.  He just stood there rather confused in the doorway for a little bit…I’d say we got him pretty good.

And now…I have to go read the second half of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. Good night.


3 thoughts on “whewww

  1. Christy says:

    Praise God! : ) Mel is in the Curry School, right? Hope to see her around.

  2. Ching Hua says:

    Please give my congratulations to Mel. Praise God indeed!

  3. b. chiang says:

    Hallelujah and Amen to the celebration that went on in Heaven that night!

    Mad props to y’all’s scheming/planning. I am still impressed and applauding.

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