For the Win

Sometimes, the warm fuzzies story actually comes true.
Sometimes, the hard work really does pay off.
Sometimes, the solid and heartfelt wins over the flashy and powerful.
Sometimes, the down-to-earth, classier, 大方 person wins over the supremely confident, fast-talking [former] champion.
Sometimes, justice gets served and your apartment explodes with cheers for a guy whose name you didn’t recognize until two days ago.

US figure skater Evan Lysacek for the win!

It’s amazing how the Olympics can make you care so much about people you’ve never met. And suck you into its lovely/slightly emotionally manipulative world of epic montages, touching Cinderella stories, and cheesy blog posts. Two points for NBC broadcasting.


2 thoughts on “For the Win

  1. s. ning says:

    Just these past few days my family has been trying to come up with a good and effective English translation for 大方 and haven’t succeeded yet. Do you have one?

  2. Krysteene says:

    I think it’s elegant and composed? At least that’s what my Chinese textbook says.

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