Seen and Heard

Seen:  a guy riding around Grounds on a unicycle.

-a guy wearing an Albert Einstein wig and a really creepy old-hag mask standing by the Lambeth stairs.

-snowflake bedsheets duct-taped to our common room ceiling. HEHE.

Heard: “You may find that your classmate is from Northern Virginia. That happens sometimes.” -Prof. Maus

-“This is how I would play tennis if I were a beaver.” -d-cheng

– Jules: “I hate Tuesdays and Thursdays.”
Me:   “…it’s Monday.”
Jules: “But tomorrow’s Tuesday. And it’s going to be horrible.”

– “全世界我最想感谢的人是毛泽东.要不是有他,我早就要学繁体了."-a Chinese classmate

I was going to write an extremely deep and thought-provoking post, but I have a few pages of Chinese characters to learn first…


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