I think I have a wide range of sortof-identities that get very complicated when you swirl them all together to become Christine: oldest child, competitor, only sister, shy, insecure little girl, perfectionist Asian, anti-conformist, emotional musician, old me, new and improved me, new but not so improved me, etc etc. But I think that no matter what happens, or which side of me is trying to take over, God is always trying to remind me of two things:

1) I can’t do it.

2) He can.

And letting Him means letting go of all those selves in exchange for true self: beloved child of God.

Loved. Child. of God.

In the Gospel of Mark, when Jesus is talking to the rich young ruler, Mark records in chapter ten: “And Jesus looked steadily at him, and loved him.” He looked at this proud, ambitious, selfish, but searching young man and loved him.

I think I just about cried when I read that.


2 thoughts on “Well.

  1. b. chiang says:


  2. Ching Hua says:

    No one can love like the way our Lord loves us because He is love! You are dearly loved.

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