Question mark?

So I just got added (and left, because I need to go to bed) to one of those CCF group chats on gmail. This particular conversation involved Paul, B.chiang, and Xiaoxiao, the most notably philosophical ones of our group.

They were talking about…the optimal number of months between haircuts.

Question mark??


In other news, praise the Lord and HALLELUJAH for Him getting me thru finals week and back in Raleigh. :] I didn’t fail physics, either, and am now hanging out with the fam. My brothers have gotten taller. Sigh. Today our adopted sister Cat sliced my finger [with her nail] in a rather intense game of Spoons; we then went outside to play in the snow. Yay!

-christine <3


2 thoughts on “Question mark?

  1. b. chiang says:

    weak, weak, weak! snow in Cville is about a foot…still awesome though!

  2. royalhighness789 says:

    spoons is soooooo much fun! and yes it can get quite dangerous. No snow here! Snowstorms always happen to just barely miss the VA Beach area every single year.

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