Laughing Hurts

I have laughed way too much today. My stomach hurts. Here’s why:

First off, discovered studying in a library with three of your apartment-mates is a bad idea. Everything becomes funnier when you can’t laugh out loud. “What’s empiricism?”

Second, don’t push the E-key above middle C on the CCF keyboard too hard. That is all I will say.

Third, our little apartment Christmas party turned into a giggle fest because of Trenley writing guides on living with Asian roommates and putting various things on her head. Photoshoot ensued.

Fourth, apartment DDR. [I’m really bad at it.] Heh, yeah, it is finals week, but you can’t study all the time, right?

Fifth, I learned not to write study guides when you’re really tired/watching a movie. I discovered that I accidentally typed out, “India was colonized by Brian” instead of “India was colonized by BRITAIN.” HA. As far as I know B.Chiang hasn’t taken over any countries. Yet.

I hear laughing is good for your abs. And yer soul.

-christine <3


3 thoughts on “Laughing Hurts

  1. Christy says:

    Haha, your interesting historical tidbit made OUR study party a giggle-fit :]
    Wish you coulda joined us, Twob-bean <3

  2. royalhighness789 says:

    yep. yep. work those abs!

  3. b. chiang says:

    medicine for the soul! Nice disclaimer. 哈哈哈!!!

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