Almost there. The semester is going to be plumb ridiculous during finals, but I think this week has been so stressful that the thought of NO MORE ESSAYS after Friday is enough to make me feel more relaxed. 可以放松以下…

God is good. Word.

Still a little stressed, but here are happy events of today:

-Last Chinese presentation!
-We finally hit the musical instruments chapter in physics, so I actually understood what was going on in class.
-Physics professor made a glass shatter via SOUND. pretty tight.
-Annie made brownies :]
-Music theory project meeting with my professor was incredibly helpful. I’m really excited about this composition now.
-I made a gigantic pot of somen noodles with 白菜, 丸子.
-Made noodle deliveries to paper-writing friends.
-I’m wearing a hat.
-I just wrote a list. I love lists.

Very glad that even in times of stress and frustration and challenge God’s always showering little blessings on His beloved. He’s so sweet. :]



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