My 10-yr-old brother Ethan to my 16-yr-old bro Justin: “Are you thankful for me?”

J: “No.”

E: “Then you don’t appreciate true greatness.”


On a fish tank in the Asian grocery store in Cary (that sells amazinggg zhou, might I add):

“Please do not aggravate the live fish, they will die. ”

Question mark?


Been talking a lot lately about growing in the Lord…I mean really growing: seeking hardcore after Him, faith being stretched, mindset and habits being challenged. I actually now have been confronted with a situation where all of that has to happen for the right decision to be made, and it’s hard. I feel like this whole semester, no, since my Shanghai trip in the summer, actually, I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone and this is like the ultimate shove out of all things clean-cut and black-and-white and comfy-cushy. Here goes, Lord. GUIDEMEEEEE.

~christine <3


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