“..the game where you go around and name things that make you glad.”

1. FIXED FLUTE FOR FIVE (dollars only). ^_^

2. 合家团圆 :) Getting to be with my dear family!

3. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread. And 肉丸白菜汤.

4. 6-page English paper in the bag. Ok, I’ll stop talking about it now. But I’m glad it’s done.

5. The chance to go to the Urbana missions conference late December. Will get to see some of the PESI Shanghai team!

6. Pink nail polish and purple scarves you get for lower prices because you speak Chinese.

7. Giraffes. Their presence in the world makes my life that much better.

8. The classical radio station at home. I can only take so much Taylor Swift and C-pop playing in my apartment.

9. My lovely, fun apartment-mates, even if they play Taylor Swift and C-pop all the time. ;)

10. My awesome brothers and sisters in CCF. They truly demonstrate what Christian fellowship is about.

11. Just getting to be at home and listening to my aunt, cousin, and parents discussing Chinese politics very loudly. hehe.

12. That my God, Who can measure out heaven with his hand, cares for me!

感恩节快乐! happy thanksgiving!

~christine <3


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