No Words

One of the most frustrating things in the entire world is when you have a paper due within the next 26 hours on a poem you spent five hours analyzing and…

you have absolutely nothing to say.

There is seriously a mental block in my brain, I can feel it. Every idea that comes out is wrinkled and worn and secondhand. I think it’s worse because I have a lot of trouble expressing my thoughts in spoken words, and writing generally comes a lot more naturally. But not only do I have no words to express my thoughts, I have no idea what my thoughts are, and I have to somehow churn six pages out of this blankness. asdfjkl;lkj

[if those random letters were piano keys they would be C-D-E-F-G-F-E-D]

Dearest Julia is sitting in the music library with me. She looks very focused and diligent and full of ideas. 非常用工. Perhaps she will inspire me…

I’m glad God never gets mental blocks. I’m glad He’s always creative, always has a plan, always has a way. I’m glad I can ask Him for ideas because I really need them right now! ^_^


P.S. I just skimmed over my previous posts, and most have something to do similar frustrations. I lead such a repetitive life.


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