I’m a Music Nerd

Maybe I’m still hyper from being surrounded by really excited people. (Whether they actually have a reason to be excited or they’re just really tired-loopy is another story…) But I’m up at 1:30 AM analyzing an incredibly complicated Chopin prelude in a very sleepy/confused state, and I’m really happy.

I’m a music nerd.

Even if it’s the most frustrating piece to analyze (check!), I would rather take this apart than write a paper or work on a physics problem set (heh, both things I need to do this weekend). There’s something very rewarding about seeing how everything connects in a piece of music. And once you figure out all these snazzy connections, it makes listening/playing it that much cooler. Win.

Heh, it’ll probably turn out that I am getting this rewarding feeling from a worksheet that’s completely wrong.

I’m taking Musical Analysis next semester; I was nervous about taking it at first because it’s a 400-level seminar on some hardcore music theory. But, I just remembered…ILOVEMUSICTHEORY. ^_^ Excited to see what next semester holds.

I just have to get past tonight’s assignment first…

-christine <3


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