Knots in my brain

Tired. Can’t focus. I spent a really, really long time trying to read a page of physics.
Mel just asked me for help thinking up a Latin vocab mnemonic. I normally love helping her with these but my creative brook has run dry. My brain is tingly with the absence of ideas. I told her to ask Annie, who told her to ask me. Heh.

I tried listening to music to help me focus. I decided to play my current flute teacher’s CD I bought off  iTunes. Not a bad idea, I did start focusing…on the music. I know. Music major. It’s a sweet CD tho: check out “Conversations” by Angela Kelly and Gary Schocker.

I make fun of her for saying it, but now I think I understand what Jules means when she says she has a knot in her brain.

Trying to pray…prayer. An appeal to a sovereign, all-powerful, loving God. Lord, last week in prayer meeting I prayed that You wouldn’t let us forget You. Thanks for reminding me how much I need You through this…well…knot in my oh-so-little-brain.

Mel just came in again. She hasn’t given up on my un-creative brain yet. In Latin, “Appello” means speak…which is what you do when you make an *appeal*. Aha.



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